Providing individualized English Language Training and Coaching, so that you as a business professional effectively reach your communication targets.

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Our Target Client

We want YOU as our client!

Target Language Communication stands for humans reaching humans through communication.

The bottom line: we are all human and we want to connect.

We place connections at the forefront!

We humans communicate our messages in order to connect with others. Therefore, we seek to communicate effectively, in order to reach this goal efficiently and meaningfully.

Are you:

  • communicative?
  • curious?
  • motivated?
  • a life-long learner?

Do you care about:

  • effective communication?
  • meaningfully connecting with others?
  • sustainable learning? (learning to remember and to apply it)
  • sharing the right message at the right time?

Are you looking for:

  • practical, hands-on training?
  • training that is relevant to your daily life and needs?
  • a trainer who will serve as a sparring partner and guide, sharpening your skills?
  • support in meeting your language goals

Target Language Communication seeks business professionals and communicators who want to bring their English language communication in verbal and written formats to the next level!

Our passion is unifying YOU and your message to reach YOUR target!

Target Language Communication emboldens you to shine in your field through direct communication.

Just as our colors of orange and blue are vibrant and eye-catching, we aim to make you BOLD!

We don’t beat around the bush.

We speak our message loud and clear.

We want to work with YOU!

Our Promise:

We promise to support you in reaching your communication goals.

Target Language Communication is here to serve you and support your communication development.



Michelle Gilluly-Beham, MA

English Teacher & Trainer

Certified Professional Coach

Michelle Gilluly-Beham is an English Native Speaker from Seattle, Washington USA. She earned a MA in English & American Studies with a focus on Language Didactics and a BA in English as a Foreign Language (TESOL), German, Spanish & Education.

She has 12 years of teaching experience at all educational levels. From 2014-18, she lived and worked in Silicon Valley, California USA.

She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Toastmasters International. She has earned the Professional and Master Coaching Certificates in 2018.

Our Philosophy


Target Language Communication provides English training and coaching to enable you to meet your goals. We are here to coach you to your target — your next steps to a bullseye!


Target Language Communication provides language training with positive and enthusiastic native speakers.
Each course is designed individually for the client and his/her needs and wishes.
The trainer’s broad experiences create a successful learning environment.




I have worked with Michelle on several projects and it has been a great collaboration. No matter if proofreading/editing or language training, her services are top and her style is absolutely professional. She stands out in providing 100% reliability and attention to the customer’s needs.

Das Training ist voll und ganz auf unsere individuellen Bedürfnisse und beruflichen Erfordernisse abgestimmt. Michelle gestaltet das Training lustig, abwechslungsreich und interessant. Sie ist ein herzlicher, motivierender Mensch, mit dem Lernen einfach Spaß macht.

Für mich persönlich war das Erlernen der englischen Sprache immer ein rotes Tuch. Michelle hat mir mit ihrer freundlichen, motivierenden Art die Scheu vor dem Englisch-Sprechen genommen!

Ich kann gar nicht sagen, wie dankbar ich für das wertvolle Feedback bin. Da kommt richtig Freude auf, wieder mehr auf Englisch zu schreiben.

I really enjoyed the English course with Michelle during my studies at Campus 02. It was a pleasure to work with her in such a warm and friendly atmosphere. Even after the main course, I asked Michelle if she could give me some advice to improve my skills in a specific area. She then provided me some of her course material for practicing later. I really appreciate that! Thank you, Michelle!

Thank you so much for your great support. I’m very proud of our project and you cannot imagine how much I enjoyed working with you in such a very professional way.


Michelle K. Gilluly-Beham, MA

Phone: +43 680 5022 784

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