English Training

English Training

Training Options

  • Individualized lessons, training and workshops
  • Private courses (for specific goals, travel, and personal fun!)
  • Company courses
  • Presentation coaching
  • Executive training
  • Email, teleconferences
  • Negotiations
  • Internal/external communication
  • Life skills training

Business English Training


As a future-oriented company, you know the quality of the client relationships and the service are challenged by the competition.

You demand and nurture targeted professional development opportunities of personal skills and abilities that – in addition to the subject area expertise – determine your company’s success.

Are you looking to apply your knowledge, skills, competences in a relevant, interdisciplinary manner to proactively and creatively meet your client’s needs?


We coach you in all areas of communication and socio-cultural competence in individual and group training. The actual value of “life skills” lies in its adaptability and relevance for various life situations – for successful application and job interviews, more career success and better relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients.

Employees, who can communicate well with their colleagues, with those outside of the company and can cross the language barrier can measurably contribute to the success of an organization.

Employees with strong language and subject area expertise can persuade others, present themselves well and will have doors open to them. The globalized business world, top jobs are only offered to those with strong interpersonal, intercultural and psychosocial skills. Studies have shown that social competence is in more demand than subject area expertise.

Group Training


  • Is your mind being activated for lifelong learning?
  • Is the English course curriculum relevant to you and your company?
  • Is the option of further qualifications and language certificate made possible for you?


Target Language Communication is focused on offering:

  • Lifelong learning – content that connects your previous knowledge of English, with today…and tomorrow!
  • Relevant content – engaging ideas & topics that can be put into action right away!
  • Course formats that set you up for taking recognized language exams for official qualification

For individual and professional clients, we offer flexible course programs. Both individual training and small group training are options.

As a language teaching service provider, we have developed course formats that set you up for standardized language exams in order to gain not only the skills, but also the documentation to move you up the ladder of success!

We integrate technology to serve you where you are at.

We offer both internal and external training.

For company training:

Through our needs analysis and kick-off meeting, your employees are met at their level. Groups focus on relevant competence areas within the business world such as: meetings, presentations, negotiations, conversations with clients and partners, telephone calls.

A motivating mix of theory and praxis will improve each participant’s English skills, developing them to be competent employees and executives, fit for the challenges of the globalized economy.

Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with the Human Resources department to offer professional development with a focus on sustainability and quality.

We provide an exciting, motivating learning atmosphere within your company and exemplify a learning culture to become part of your future-oriented company philosophy.

Executive Training


As a leader in middle management:

  • Are you often confronted with challenges in English teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, as a discussion leader or in negotiations?
  • Are your presentations in English convincing?
  • Are you expressing yourself and your message competently and effectively?


You are in the right hands with Target Language Communication!

With 12 years of teaching experience, 10 years of rhetoric and presentation training and professional coaching certification, Michelle Gilluly-Beham MA applies her qualifications and talents to aid YOU in achieving YOUR goals.

Business clients in middle management, and especially for department heads, team leaders, division leaders, sales managers, human resource managers, production managers and commercial leaders can benefit from practice and company-specific English language, communication and social interaction training.

You can profit both domestically and internationally from the communication and presentation skills training, along with gaining confidence in effective public speaking, meetings and negotiations, and conflict resolution.

This training is customized, oriented and flexible to your needs and wishes.

Group Course – English is everywhere


From using our smartphones to accessing the internet, to attending sporting events and taking short trips to neighboring countries – English is increasingly the KEY to open the doors to new worlds and conversations. We have the opportunity to interact with the world, and doing this is made possible through ENGLISH.

Do you want:

  • To practice speaking English?
  • To train your vocabulary and grammar for travel and everyday?
  • To stay young and mentally fit?
  • To prepare for re-entering the workforce?
  • AND To do this close to home?

OR from the comfort of your own home, with virtual training?


Regular training contributes towards an increased level of self-confidence and higher level of wellbeing.

Success is achieved through competent teaching, a motivating environment and an enthusiastic and creative course style.

Target Language Communication offers you the language skills update and practice you need!

Let’s integrate together English learning into our daily routine. We are engaged in developing innovative and intuitive courses for your level and needs.

With fun and laughter, for individuals or groups. Moving out of the classroom and into the world!

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Training


  • Pronunciation: be easily understood
  • Clarity: speak with confidence
  • Fluency: boost professional & social conversational skills
  • Listening skills: demonstrate respect and understanding through powerful listening

Do you want to:

  • progress in your career?
  • speak with confidence?
  • communicate better at work?
  • excel in job interviews?

Your Benefits:

  • monitor your progress through recordings, analyses and individual feedback
  • flexible learning for busy people
  • tailored, individual training for best results

The training gives you everything you need to improve your English pronunciation and English speaking!

Focus Areas:

  • Word stress

Are you using emphasis and rhythm well in English?

  • Vowel length
    In English we have long vowels, short vowels and double vowels and many non-native speakers don’t distinguish between these correctly. For example, the words ‘coat’, ‘cot’ and ‘caught’ should each sound different. Do you know which one has the short vowel, long vowel and double vowel and are you confident with these?
  • Moving and opening your mouth
    English has more open sounds than many other languages. We need to open our mouth and jaw to pronounce many sounds like /o/, /a:/, /ou/ etc. clearly. If you don’t, you’ll sound like you’re mumbling. Are you using good mouth movements for clear English?
  • Rate of speaking (speed)
    Some non-native speakers speak English too fast. When you speak English very fast, it is likely your pronunciation and clarity will become worse. Often people’s word stress gets flatter, the might drop sounds and their vowels get shorter. Are you using a good rate of speaking in English?
  • Word endings

The ends of words in English are very important. It’s often where we mark grammar like the past tense, plurals etc. Are you using past tense endings correctly? This is SO important in English.

Golf & English Training: English on the Golf Course!

Play golf & practice English at the same time!

The #1 Golf & English Training in Graz, Styria, Austria!

Let’s speak the original language of the game of golf together, while enjoying the outdoors, fresh air and physical activity – a combination of body and mind!

Shoot your best score on the course and in English communication with Target Language Communication!

Bring your English to par level.

Or better yet, go from bogeys to birdies!

Looking forward to a good round of conversation and golf with you, along with a drink on the “19th hole”!

Golf & English Training will:

  • increase your confidence when communicating in English
  • help you to use English more effectively
  • help you to speak more accurately and fluently in English
  • improve your English grammar & vocabulary
  • improve your English pronunciation

… all in a relaxed environment on the golf course.

Anticipated Outcomes

Improved communication skills leading to greater confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude. A further benefit: fun while playing golf!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )

As a trained language teacher with over 12 years of experience at all educational levels, I offer you the sum of my experience PLUS the sum of your experiences to support you in reaching your communication goals. Due to my training as a professional and master coach along with being a language teacher, I also have a toolset of well-proven coaching methods and strategies available that I can flexibly use to support you and make your language learning process more efficient!

You have 12 months (1 calendar year) to complete the coaching package you have booked. Your order becomes valid upon receiving the bank transfer in full.

Training or coaching sessions may be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the appointment. If rescheduling takes place less than 24 hours before the appointment, the session will be charged in full.

We kindly ask that you avoid rescheduling coaching appointments on short notice, so as to not deprive other clients of appointment availability.

  1. Contact TLC for a free 20-minute telephone call or video conference.
  2. You receive a written offer.
  3. After paying the invoice, schedule your training appointments and your training begins!
  4. You receive the first intro email with helpful handouts.
  5. In the first session, we identify your starting point, your motivation and your language goals. Based on this, we define a roadmap for the sessions to follow, to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.
  6. You receive follow-up emails after each session with relevant handouts and practice exercises.
  7. You see and experience your communication success in your day to day performance!

All you need is a strong internet connection and a device with a camera (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet). Click on the link sent via email from TLC and you’re in!

1:1 or 2:1 online training function like a real face to face conversation – listening, asking questions, showing interest and emotions. Screen sharing and writing new words in the chat make it feel like we’re sitting together at the table.

Depending on your preferences, Jitsi, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Skype for Business and Free Conference Call can be used.

Jitsi.org, for example, does not require registration and no data is stored.

We can speak about working within your system if your company has certain requirements regarding online platforms.

The bigger question is: what are the individual goals?

One on one (1:1) training is the better option if you have individual, professional or private language goals. Each session is tailored to exactly you and your needs.

Group training offers social connection, along with partner and group work, regular online meetings and a sense of community. You learn from each other and with each other, gaining confidence to use the target language with and in front of others.

Traditional language teaching focuses on a curriculum or textbook. In professional language training, each session is individualized to your needs. Furthermore, the training focuses on how you learn best, what motivates you, and what your existing resources and skills are to help you achieve top results.

Every moment is linked to your stories, personal connection to the topics and remains in your memory because the conversation is relevant to you!

You are in control of your learning process. We are here to accompany and support you in reaching your goals.

Please email or call to schedule a free 20-minute call so that we can make you an offer that suits your needs.

Do you have more questions?

Contact TLC!


Michelle K. Gilluly-Beham, MA

Phone: +43 680 5022 784
Mail: office@targetlanguage.at

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