The Ripple Effect

Action and Reaction (Newton’s 3rd Law). Or, the power within YOU!

You are powerful!

Your actions cause things to happen! You have an effect on others! You are powerful!

What you do today has not only an effect on the rest of your day (and the week…and your life!). Your actions also affect those around you.

The way you choose to treat your body affects how you feel today, your self-esteem, your energy level and your productivity. In turn, your mood, attitude, energy level and productivity affect others: your family, friends, company…

The words you speak to yourself and to others also affect your attitude, your mood, your feeling of efficacy (the ability to to act or influence the situation). Your words also can empower and embolden others to cause more good in the world…or the opposite.

This is a positive reminder that with every decision you make, you have the opportunity to make a positive change in your life. You can also make a positive change in others’ lives.

Your Choice

Your alarm rang this morning. Did you hit the snooze button? Or did you get up immediately? How did this choice affect the rest of your day?

Do you prepare your outfit for the following day in the evening before going to bed? Or race around in the morning trying to find the right thing to wear? What is your attitude or mood as you start the day? How does this affect your actions and how others feel?

The way you drive the car or ride your bike affects others around you. Are you zipping around aggressively? Or did you kindly allow someone to change lanes or cross the street in front of you? Did you leave a positive impression on those around you?

What were your first words today to your partner or to your colleagues? Were they positive or negative? How might your attitude affect others around you? Are you lifting them up?

Powerful Communication

Your words, your tone of voice, your body language are your tools in communicating with others.

These can be used to affect others in a positive way.

How do you use these in a positive and powerful way – to encourage and support others?

Small Action, Big Impact

Target Language Communication believes in the power of one drop of water to cause an effect.

As one drop of water falls into a larger body of water, it creates a ripple effect.

This ripple effect consists of concentric circles moving outwards farther and farther away from the center…until they reach the far sides of the pond or lake.

In other words, a small action creates a BIG IMPACT!

Just imagine… Your actions and your words have huge power.

The German song “Ins Wasser fällt ein Stein” (A stone falls in the water) expresses this idea:

Ins Wasser fällt ein Stein,

Ganz heimlich, still und leise;

Und ist er noch so klein,

Er zieht doch weite Kreise.

A stone falls in the water,

totally secretively, quietly;

and it is so small,

Yet, it causes large circles.

Causing Ripples Together

Target Language Communication is ready to support you in causing big ripples!

Your impact on the world deserves to be presented effectively, with a clear message.

Let’s cultivate and develop your communication skills so that your effect on the world is powerful, positive and perfectly understandable!

Over to You

What decisions have you made recently? And what effects have you seen from these decisions? What is an example from your life of words having power?

Contact us to share your effects! We’d love to hear from you!


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